torsdag, juli 23, 2009

Aso Taros valgløfter

Hver torsdag havner "Aso Cabinet E-mail magazine" i min postkasse. Det er af og til interessant læsning, men for det meste mest ufrivilligt morsomt. Denne uge er det dog i den interessante afdeling. Aso ridser sine mærkesager op (på trods af at valgkampem først starter officielt d.18. august). Her er det meste af mailen:

"On the 21st, I decided to dissolve the House of Representatives and
seek a popular mandate. This is to clarify responsibility for
governing, aiming to safeguard Japan and the daily lives of the
Japanese people.

Since assuming office, I have placed foremost priority on reviving
the economy and defending people's daily lives. During this time,
careless remarks I have made caused mistrust among the public and
damaged its confidence in politics. I have reflected deeply on this
situation. I will humbly look back upon this, and in reflection,
I will fulfill my responsibilities placing importance on the
thoughts of the people.

In this general election, I will make three pledges to the public.
The first pledge is economic recovery. Fully turning around the
Japanese economy will take three years. The economy must take
highest priority. I will without fail revive the Japanese economy.

I have given priority to policy over politics and I have devoted my
all to economic policymaking, in order to defend people's daily
lives from the worldwide simultaneous recession that originated in
the United States. In an extremely unusual situation, we have drawn
up four budgets in a little over six months. We have finally come
to see signs of economic recovery as a result of these efforts.

However, the business performance of small and medium enterprises
and the employment situation remain weak. Household finances are
also facing difficult circumstances. We have only reached half-way.
It would simply not do for me, having dedicated myself to this
single area of economic countermeasures, to abandon the duties of
Prime Minister until solid economic recovery has been achieved.

My second pledge is to bring about a society which provides peace
of mind to its members. Various kinds of anxiety surround our daily
lives, such as those over employment and child-raising, pensions
and medical care, and the widening of economic and other
disparities. The society providing peace of mind which I seek to
achieve will give dreams to children, hope to the young, and peace
of mind to the elderly. I will accelerate policies to bring about
a society without anxieties over employment, old age, or child-
raising. To do this, I will break from excessive market

In particular, with regard to employment, we are safeguarding the
employment of some 2.4 million workers by partially covering the
cost of wages for companies that do not fire employees. In addition,
for individuals who do not qualify for unemployment insurance
benefits but are motivated and endeavoring to attain new skills and
abilities through job training, we will provide a social safety net
for their daily lives as they undergo this training. We will also
improve working conditions for people employed part-time.

To address the low birthrate, we have introduced subsidies so that
all maternity checkups are now provided without charge. Furthermore,
we will work to ensure that all education for children before
enrollment in elementary school is provided free of cost.

To achieve these goals, funding will be necessary. I have said that
once the economy recovers, we will appeal to the public to accept
a fundamental reform of the tax system, including a rise in the
consumption tax rate, to cover these costs of social security and
of countering the low birthrate.

As a prerequisite for making such a request to the public, we will
first conduct bold administrative reforms. We will reduce the
number of National Diet members and civil servants, eradicate
amakudari/watari [the practice of civil servants obtaining posts in
related organizations after retirement from public service/hopping
from one such job to another], and eliminate government waste.

A tax increase is unpleasant for everyone. However, we must refrain
from passing on our generation's borrowing to our children and
grandchildren. To do so is to govern with responsibility, in my

In order to defend people's daily lives, I pledge to bring about
economic revival and a society which provides peace of mind to its
members. The upcoming general election is an election upon which
the creation of a society that provides peace of mind hinges. The
people will be asked to judge who has the capacity to take
responsibility. If the pledges I made go unfulfilled, I shall take
responsibility. That is my third pledge.

We must carry out the responsibilities of governing. Towards that
end, I declare to all of you that I will lead the way and fight to
the very end."

Med andre ord, Aso vil forhøje skatterne og udbygge den japanske velfærdsstat. Han vil fortsætte med de absurde økonomiske tiltag, som indtil videre ikke har forhindret nogen krise. Velfærdsstaten er DPJ's mærkesag, så jeg tvivler på at hans forsøg på at møve længere ind på det område vil gøre den store forskel. Der er så lav tillid til ham i befolkningen lige nu, at det er tvivlsomt om der er særligt mange der overhovedet tror på hvad han siger. Hvad angår forhøjelsen af den japanske moms, så vil jeg sige det som jeg har sagt før: det er decideret idiotisk og netop de japanske erfaringer viser at det kan føre til store økonomiske problemer. Som det er lige nu har japanerne et valg imellem DPJ og LDP, der begge står for en nogenlunde ens politik. Det er først og fremmest et spørgsmål om stil og personligheder. Asos valgløfter er kun med til at tydeliggøre dette.

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