søndag, februar 22, 2009

Politi ransager Steve Irwin

Sea Shepherds skib, Steve Irwin, er blevet ransaget af Politiet. Angiveligt med henblik på senere retsforfølgelse i Japan.

AUSTRALIAN Federal Police have raided anti-whaling flagship the Steve Irwin, seizing records and videos that could help Japan to prosecute the activist Sea Shepherd group.

An armed squad seized 157 of Discovery Channel's raw videos, and navigational records from the ship in Hobart. The videos show the Sea Shepherd's clashes with Japanese whalers and may be given to the Japanese Government. A federal agent said yesterday's raid resulted from a formal referral from Japanese authorities and that police were undertaking preliminary inquiries into this summer's Southern Ocean confrontation.

Australian National University law professor Don Rothwell said international legal obligations meant evidence of alleged maritime offences could be forwarded to Japan.

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