søndag, december 28, 2008

"the most complete human being of our time"

William Langley har skrevet en lille artikel om Che-myten for The Daily Telegraph:

"The time, admittedly, was one of hope and romance, when, to the West's restless youth, Cuba was the future of the world. It was run by men who looked like rock stars, who smoked cheroots and preached an ideology that appeared to owe less to Lenin than to Bob Dylan. Che was both the face and the apostle of Cuba's revolution; the vagabond warrior with the deadly cool. You could imagine him, mojito in hand, polishing his carbine in a sweaty Havana bar with rumba music washing over him. But in reality, he wasn't like that at all. Che, in fact, was a dead loss at almost everything he turned his hand to; an inept militarily strategist, a duplicitous comrade, an idle and vicious public servant, a faithless husband and a neglectful father."

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