fredag, november 30, 2007

Dagens citat

"Oddly enough gender-race-class critics insist on the limitations imposed on thought by the use of a particular system of terms in all other contexts. An important part of their mental apparatus is Foucault's notion of a discourse, by which he means a standard set of terms that are both the expression of a particular mind-set and the mechanism that perpetuates that mind-set. Foucault's own examples are rarely convincing, because the vocabularies of both English and French are too large and varied to channel thought so rigidly. A convincing illustration of Foucault's point would require a specialized terminology that was able to shut out the rest of the vocabulary of the language. We need not look far to find such a case: The perfect example of Foucault's discourse and its stultification of thought is the highly restricted and arcane terminology of theoryese: re-presentations, marginalize, decenter, revision, difference, discursive practices, hegemony, phallocentrism, the "other" and so on. Genuine thought requires more than the rote learning and ingenious manipulation of a special vocabulary. "

Fra John M. Ellis "Is Theory to Blame?" fra 1997

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