fredag, september 01, 2006

Sjov otaku-video

På den glimrende blog Japundit, fandt jeg denne sjove video tilbage fra 1991. Det er et forsøg på at genskabe mecha-anime-serien Gundam, med rigtige mennesker og et ekstremt lavt budget. Hér er hvad Japundit bl.a. skriver:

Created in 1991 for a university school project. Initially, the kids were planning to create a horror flick, but decided to change it to Gundam one day before the project was due. They ran out and filmed the entire thing in a day. Who would play which Gundam character was determined on the spot by the colors of their clothes. . .

For example the guy wearing blue pants (also known as jeans…) would of course, be Gundam, cause Gundam’s legs are apparently blue. Then they added the necessary paint and stuff you see in the movie.

This was filmed on top of their University building.

Take it away:


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