tirsdag, september 26, 2006

Nyt kabinet udpeget

Her er så kabinettet, fra en artikel i Financial Times:

"Shinzo Abe, Japan’s new prime minister, named a cabinet of mainly like-minded conservatives on Tuesday...

Mr Abe named 11 freshmen to his cabinet, signalling a generational shift...

Youngsters – by Japanese standards – in the cabinet and among senior party officials include Yasuhisa Shiozaki, 55, chief cabinet secretary, Shoichi Nakagawa, 53, LDP policy chief, and Nobuteru Ishihara, 49, deputy secretary-general.

Mr Nakagawa, in particular, is considered close to Mr Abe, sharing views that Japan needs to defend its national interest more vigorously, rewrite its US-written pacifist constitution and make education more patriotic.

Mr Shiozaki, another close friend, will also have special responsibility for people kidnapped by North Korea, an emotive issue that helped propel Mr Abe to the top slot.

On the economy, Mr Abe balanced youth with experience, nominating Koji Omi, 73, a former trade ministry bureaucrat, as finance minister. Mr Omi, who rallied older parliamentarian support for Mr Abe, will be expected to seek spending cuts in line with the premier’s pledge to trim bureaucratic fat before considering tax increases....

As foreign minister, Mr Abe stuck with Taro Aso, the incumbent, who ran against him for the premiership. Mr Aso is considered a hawk not obviously suited to the role of improving relations with China, but he has emphasised his willingness to meet Chinese leaders without conditions."

Der er lagt op til kæft, trit og retning, og så har Aso-San fået en vigtig post, så han ikke laver ballade.

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